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'A natural approach to better health'

What is Colon Hydrotherapy & what are the benefits?

A safe & gentle process of warm filtered water entering the colon via the rectum. Each fill hydrates the colon allowing toxins, waste, gas, parasites, mucous, candida, undigested food & old faecal matter to be released. Therapists are in full control of the machine functions and clients are able to see what they are releasing from the tube or through the viewing window of the machine.

The therapist will talk to you about what is being released & will be able to answer any questions you may have. A relaxing stomach massage can be applied with your consent to maximise results by manipulating the colon & large intestines.

The process can be stopped at anytime & there is no mess or smell.

The benefits of colonics are infinite & would be beneficial to anybody as it is a natural way to detox the body & clear the mind.


The top benefits include:

 Relief of constipation, diarrhoea & bloating

 Weight loss (up to two kilos per session)

 Removes toxins, parasites & rotting faecal matter

 Improves clarity, energy & immunity

 Promotes quality sleep

 Clears skin, helps acne & other skin conditions

 Better movement & mobility as well as relieving symptoms of arthritis

 Can help with depression, anxiety & stress relief

 IBS symptoms

 Relief of headaches, migraines & back pain

What happens before & after a session?

Before a session, you should try & drink as much water as you can as well as refraining from eating two hours before if possible.

After a session it is important to rest & keep hydrated. The body has just been through a detoxification process & needs time to process. Eat clean & chew your food. Soups, salads & cooked vegetables are best! 

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